Openovus, for open innovation, is the platform dedicated to practical applications of scientific and technological innovations for development worldwide. It’s a network of « genuine cooperation projects » between practitioners in education, science and technology and all development stakeholders. It aims at disseminating and implementing best policies and practices in science and technology solutions to serve citizens, businesses and, therefore, territorial attractiveness.

Openovus is a cooperation platform allowing members to work collaboratively on joint projects in critical sectors such as water, environment, energy, health, biotechnology, nanotechnology, infrastructure, clean transport, aeronautics, sustainable construction, regional planning, urban planning, education, research and development, security, disaster management, local governance, Social Media, web technologies, ICT and broadband… etc.

While striving to harness the power of social media and web technologies in order to generate positive impacts on local, national, regional and global development, Openovus will foster cooperation through « physical » meetings, conferences, summits… at exciting places worldwide.

There are several ways in which you can start collaborating with the other community members. Click here to read our recommended methodology.